The Royal Business College provides a comprehensive range of services to cater for all our Students' needs.

RBC Business Students

Sreeram Tiriveedula
RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

Ni Mengjiao
RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

RBC Business Graduates

Kevin Ding
Business Owner, Auckland
National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

Karanjit Singh
Restaurant Manager, Christchurch
National Diploma in Business (Level 6)

Homestay Accommodation

Becoming part of a family is probably the best way to improve English Language and learn New Zealand Culture. Homestay provides home comforts and the warmth and security of family life. There are also lots of opportunities to practise English out of school with real people in real life.

We can arrange Homestay accommodation and a questionnaire completed by you allows us to match your requirements against our pool of host families. Host families are carefully selected and many have opened their homes to overseas guests for a number of years. All homestays used by Royal Business College have been approved by the College as meeting the standard of the Code of Practice. Contracts with our host families clearly set out the degree of care we insist on for our students. Homestay includes two meals daily, on week days, and three meals daily on weekends and public holidays, for $240 per week.

Other Options

Although we strongly recommend Homestay as the best way to experience the New Zealand lifestyle, some students may prefer a more independent type of living arrangement. We provide assistance in arranging lists of flats, guest houses and motels.

Accommodation Options

Royal Business College recommends that students stay in a New Zealand homestay, where they can get a feeling for New Zealand life and culture, and where they can practise their English every day. There are other options open to students but these have not been assessed by Royal Business College as meeting the Code of Practice for International Students requirements. FLATS: A two bedroom unfurnished flat in central Christchurch costs an average of $250 per week. (In Auckland it costs $275). Furnished flats cost an additional $30 – $40 per week. Moving into a flat involves other expenses beside the rent, e.g. bond (weekly rental X 2), agent’s fee (rent X 1), electricity bond ($200), telephone connection charge. FLAT SHARING: This is a more economical way of flatting. To get a room in a shared flat costs $70 to $110 per week, plus expenses which include electricity, phone, and food. A bond of 1 or 2 weeks rent is also often charged. STUDENT HOSTELS: The best-known hostel is the YMCA. The rental for long-term accommodation is $136-$146 per week. There are other hostels with more basic facilities which charge $60 (4-person share room) to $100 (twin share) per week. Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of International Students: Click here for download Code of Practice – 2016