Graduate profiles / Business

“Royal Business College
gave me the confidence to
start my own successful
business at the age of 25.”
Kevin Ding Business Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

Kevin Ding graduated from Royal Business College
in 2007 after studying National Diploma in Business
Level 5. Kevin has established his own car yard and
finance business in Auckland, New Zealand.

Royal Business College taught me everything which I needed to know and
to start my own business. I have set up a car yard company in Auckland.
I am also having a money lending business for home mortgages.

I learnt the skills which I needed to get New Zealand residents visa.
I also met my wife here and we are now married with two children living in
Auckland in a new home that I have just purchased. I would like to mention
that Royal Business College gave me confidence to start my own business
and made me feel that I have got a very comfortable life in New Zealand.

Kevin Ding studied:

"The Royal Business College made me feel very welcome in New Zealand and always took care of me very well, it made me feel like I was part of their family."

Student profiles / Business

  • Royal Business College enables me to gain an education that is the key to my career development, particularly in the New Zealand business environment."
    Komal Preet
    RBC Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • "I would recommend Royal Business College because when you join the College you just instantly become part of a family."
    Denzel Newton Junior Machiso
    National Diploma in Computing (Level 5)
  • "I love all the tutors at Royal Business College. When we need help, they go out of their way to help us. They're always there to support us and guide us."
    Anna Kalpova
    Diploma in Business Marketing (Level 7)
  • "The support you will receive at Royal Business College is absolutely incredible. The opportunities you can get is what I'm looking forward to so much."
    Sreeram Riueedula
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • "I find the class size is really good at Royal Business College, it's small so there is a lot of one to one contact so they know the individual needs of the students very well."
    Narayan Monger
    RBC Diploma in Computing (Level 6)