Royal Business College Profiles

Student Profiles

  • “When I first arrived I felt very isolated but when I started at Royal Business College it felt like home away from home. I would recommend RBC because of the highly competent, well experienced and friendly tutors, and the diverse mix of ethnic cultures.”
    Bekauj Limbu
    RBC Business Management Level 7, Student
  • “Studying at Royal Business College was great as I have gained so much knowledge from the highly qualified teachers in a really friendly environment.”
    Sanjeev Kumar
    RBC Business Management Level 7, Student
  • “Royal Business College guided me a lot in my studies and played a major role in helping me to get a job. It is a really beautiful and safe place for any student in the world to come and study and I made a lot of good friends.”
    Gorla Arunteja
    RBC Business Management Level 7, Student
  • “Royal Business College has helped me by providing a good quality education which gives me a lot of skills for the future.”
    Maninder Preet Singh
    RBC Diploma Computing Level 6, Student
  • “I’m really impressed with the knowledge and skills Royal Business College have provided to their students. We employ two RBC graduates who are both fast learners with excellent problem solving skills.”
    Aaron Kao
    Service Manager, PB Tech Christchurch
  • “I received a really warm reception when I came to Royal Business College. The highly qualified teachers offer much support and have helped me set my career goals. The qualification we obtain is highly valued not only in New Zealand but all over the world.”
    Akhil Aravindakshan
    RBC Diploma in Information Technology, Student
  • “I found Royal Business College to be a one stop place to get great education, where you can make friends, and it gives you a doorway to a new world of opportunities.”
    Komal Preet
    RBC Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • “I would recommend Royal Business College because when you join the College you just instantly become part of a family.”
    Denzel Newton Junior Machiso
    National Diploma in Computing (Level 5)
  • “I love all the tutors at Royal Business College. When we need help, they go out of their way to help us. They’re always there to support us and guide us.”
    Anna Kalpova
    Diploma in Business Marketing (Level 7)
  • “The support you will receive at Royal Business College is absolutely incredible. The opportunities you can get is what I’m looking forward to so much.”
    Sreeram Tiriveedula
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • “I get a lot of support from my tutors, even directly after class and my classmates are very friendly too. Everyone just helps you out.”
    Zheng Feng
    RBC Diploma in Business Marketing (Level 7)
  • “I find the class size is really good at Royal Business College, it’s small so there is a lot of one to one contact so they know the individual needs of the students very well.”
    Narayan Monger
    RBC Diploma in Computing (Level 6)
  • “I chose to study at Royal Business College because the courses they are offering are very interesting and I can apply it to my family business back home.”
    Afzalkhon Mukhamedou
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • “Graduating from Royal Business College will make me more competent when looking for jobs now and in the future.”
    Ni Mengjiao
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • “To me graduating from Royal Business College means a very bright future and very good life in a good country.”
    Vikram Jit
    RBC Diploma in Computing (Level 6)
  • “The Royal Business College enables me to gain an education that is the key to my development, particularly in the New Zealand business environment.”
    Akxy Khalasi
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • “The most valuable thing I’m learning right now is about the computer industry of NZ and the professionalism of the industry which will help my career.”
    Ishwor Sigdel
    National Diploma in Computing (Level 5)
  • “New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country with a very clean environment. The people are very friendly and I now have many good friends here also.”
    Hani Salma
    RBC Diploma in Business Marketing (Level 7)
  • “The tutors at Royal Business College are really good, they are really friendly and are very helpful. Sometimes they even share their mealtimes with us which is great.”
    Gurinderjeet Singh
    National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

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