Graduate profiles / Business

“It was like having a close family member looking after us from the moment we arrived. The experience was life changing.”Hazeer Ahmed & Fatima Mubashia Auckland, New Zealand

Hazeer Ahmed & Fathima Mubashira graduated from
Royal Business College in 2013 after studying National
Diploma in Business Level 6 and RBC Diploma in
Entrepreneurship Level 7.

The lecturers at Royal Business College are always busy from morning
nine to five but they voluntarily come after hours to come and help for the
new comers to find suitable accommodation. It is really like a close family
member to look after the students when we arrived in New Zealand

The staff at Royal Business College is like a family members and make the
students feel free to move with them and that gives more confidence for
the international students. All the students feel that they are guided by
their parents.

Hazeer Ahmed & Fathima Mubashira studied:

"Royal Business College is like a family because as we are all mainly foreign international students you can sometimes feel lonely, but we never felt that loneliness when we were studying at Royal Business College."

Student profiles / Business

  • Royal Business College enables me to gain an education that is the key to my career development, particularly in the New Zealand business environment."
    Komal Preet
    RBC Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • "I would recommend Royal Business College because when you join the College you just instantly become part of a family."
    Denzel Newton Junior Machiso
    National Diploma in Computing (Level 5)
  • "I love all the tutors at Royal Business College. When we need help, they go out of their way to help us. They're always there to support us and guide us."
    Anna Kalpova
    Diploma in Business Marketing (Level 7)
  • "The support you will receive at Royal Business College is absolutely incredible. The opportunities you can get is what I'm looking forward to so much."
    Sreeram Riueedula
    RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)
  • "I find the class size is really good at Royal Business College, it's small so there is a lot of one to one contact so they know the individual needs of the students very well."
    Narayan Monger
    RBC Diploma in Computing (Level 6)