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RBC Business Students

Sreeram Tiriveedula
RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

Ni Mengjiao
RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

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Kevin Ding
Business Owner, Auckland
National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

Karanjit Singh
Restaurant Manager, Christchurch
National Diploma in Business (Level 6)

1.1 Enrolments are subject to the following conditions, which become legally binding on confirmation of acceptance by Royal Business College(RBC).
1.2 Enrolment is made only when RBC receives and accepts full payment of fees.
1.3 Class placement is based on an entry test and interview. Although the College is pleased to discuss the appropriateness of a student’s class level, the college will exercise its right to decide finally what is appropriate.
1.4 The College reserves the right to change course arrangements without prior notice.
1.5 RBC reserves the right to cross credit papers already achieved. Such cross credits will not reduce the course fees, although in exceptional cases RBC retains the discretion to do so.

2 FEES (Registration, Tuition, Homestay and Accommodation)
2.1 Full payment of fees in New Zealand dollars (NZ$) is required at least 14 calendar days before study begins.
2.2 Non payment (or not having proof of payment) may result in withholding of services by RBC.
2.3 Course fees are worked out in complete weeks, including weeks with public holidays. Three or more days count as one week.
2.4 If any services included in the fee are not used, no refund is possible.
2.5 After the first ten working days of the course, no refund is possible,irrespective of whether due to a late arrival, absence, or early departure from the course. See “Withdrawals & Refunds” for more details.
2.6 All tuition fees include the NZ Government Goods and Services Tax (15%). Changes to this law will also affect the amount of fees charged.
2.7 Fees cannot be transferred to any other institution or student.
2.8 The college cannot substitute part-time for full-time tuition after a course has begun or adjust fees accordingly.
2.9 If students extend their course they are automatically accepting the conditions of enrolment, which applied when they made their original enrolment (unless otherwise agreed).
2.10 The first day of attendance at the college is that stated on the confirmed Offer of Place to be the course starting date (unless the College is advised in writing of a change before the confirmed date).

3.1 All students are required to abide by the following arrangements organised by Royal Business College for Fees Protection.
(a) If a course Closure Event occurs and I transfer to an Alternative Provider with the approval of the Qualifications Authority, the balance of my Student Fes will be transferred to that Alternative Provider
(b) in the event that I withdraw from the course and I owe money to a Loan Provider in respect of that course, the Trustee is irrevocably authorised to repay my Student Fees directly to that Loan Provider
(c) in the event that I withdraw from the course or a Course Closure Event occurs and the Trustee refunds the balance of my Student Fees directly to me, the Trustee will refund such Student Fees to me in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and Royal Business College’s refund policy, by way of cheque posted to my last known postal address notified to that Trustee
(d) in the event that another party may be entitled to receive any refund of my Student Fees, I will provide the Trustee with the contact details of that party (as required by paragraph 3.3 below) to which the refund should be sent
(e) personal information about me and information relating to my Student Fees held in the Trust Account, may be supplied by the Trustee to the Qualifications Authority and the PTE for the purposes of monitoring both the Trustee’s and PTE’s compliance with the Qualifications Authority Policy and the Deed
(f) once the payments contemplated in (a), (b), (c) and (d) above have been made, the trusts on which the Trustee was holding my Student Fees will have been discharged
(g) any interest earned on the Trust Account prior to payments under (a), (b), (c) or (d) above will vest in and be payable to the PTE for its own benefit, and I will have no claim to such interest;
3.2 Capitalised terms used in this agreement shall have the meaning as defined in the Student Fees Indemnification Trust Deed between the PTE and the Trustee, a copy of which has been made available to me by the PTE (the “Deed”).
3.3 I agree to advise the Trustee if any third party is to receive any refund of my fee.

4.1 The College has cancellation and refund forms which must be completed in all cases.
4.2 All claims for refunds should be made in writing to the Director or Principal.
4.3 Cancellations made in writing fourteen or more calendar days before course commencement will result in a full refund of all fees.
4.4 Students enrolled in a course of three months or longer at RBC will be refunded all tuition fees, except for up to 25% of the total fee, if they withdraw in the first ten working days of the course. For courses of five to twelve weeks if the student withdraws within the first five days of the course 75% of the tuition fees will be refunded. For courses of up to five weeks if the student withdraws within the first two days of the course 50% of the tuition fees will be refunded.
4.5 PTE payments for the Trust Account, The student payment schedule shows exactly when payments will be made. This schedule is based on NZQA rules for international student tuition fees protection as follows: The lesser of 20% or $3,000 of the tuition fees is paid to the PTE after the refund period for the course, providing the Public Trust received both the signed student acknowledge form and the tuition fees.
4.6 Refunds on compassionate grounds may be granted at the discretion of the Director. No refund will be made except in the case of: a) return home because of serious illness (physical or psychological) of the student b) return home because of a serious family matter (eg. death or serious illness in the family). Written evidence must be provided. In these cases, the school reserves the right to retain amounts to cover costs already incurred. The balance may be refunded at the Director’s discretion.
4.7 There is no refund of registration and tuition fees more than ten working days after the start of a course of three months or longer, irrespective of whether the student proposes to transfer to another training establishment within New Zealand.
4.8 If a student takes approved leave (maximum two weeks) during the course, fees may, at the discretion of the Director be carried over to later dates. However, for the purpose of refunds, the student’s total period of study, before and after the break, is regarded as one course.
4.9 All fees paid are refunded if a student living overseas is unable to obtain a visa to travel to New Zealand.
4.10 All refunds are made in NZ$. The college is not responsible for any changes in the value of currencies or for student’s bank fees.

5.1 Students must agree to abide by the rules and conditions of homestay as described in the homestay application form.

6.1 The rules of RBC are to help the College run smoothly. All students who enrol with RBC must accept and keep to these rules as a contractual condition of enrolment.
6.2 RBC has the right to refuse entry to a course to any student suffering from mental or physical disability not shown on the enrolment form.
6.3 RBC has the right to give a warning letter to a student who breaks rules or behaves badly. If there is no improvement in behaviour RBC may expel the student.
6.4 Students are expected to obey NZ laws and if convicted of any offence may be expelled without a refund of fees (except homestay).
6.5 No refunds will be made to a student who is asked to leave the college because of misbehaviour, poor attendance or violation of New Zealand laws, including traffic laws.
6.6 The NZ Immigration Service will be informed if a student is expelled.

7.1 RBC is not liable for any damage, loss or injury to students or property, however caused, except where this liability is imposed by the laws of New Zealand.
7.2 RBC advises students must obtain personal insurance to cover themselves against accident, illness, theft, loss or damage to personal possessions, and the loss of fees through non-arrival, absence, or unexpected termination of their course.
7.3 RBC is not liable to any student if contracted services cannot be provided for any reason beyond its control.

8.1 These conditions are valid from 1 January 2016 and remain in force until replaced.
8.2 If these conditions are translated to another language, the English copy remains the correct version.

9.1 In the event of any dispute the laws of New Zealand shall prevail.