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RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship Level 7

The aim of this course is to prepare students for the business marketplace and a career in management with an understanding of business management theory and practice.

Students will be introduced to the principles of business, and through case study analysis and real world examples, will learn how to apply these concepts to address problems and opportunities facing New Zealand businesses, both domestically and internationally. This programme is a multidisciplinary one and covers a range of business areas. Specializations include: business law, career management, small business management, change management, business ethics and sustainability, an integrated project (business plan) and financial management (optional module).

Entrepreneurship is an essential survival tool in today’s competitive business environment. Management and Entrepreneurship have an impact on almost everything we see and do in today’s world and are especially relevant in New Zealand with the prevalence of small businesses. As business entrepreneurship graduates, students have the opportunity to take up an exciting career requiring talent and creativity. This Diploma in Entrepreneurship explores practical, real-world applications of marketing principles, in other words, it marries marketing and hands-on applications.

These modules introduce the wider context of the importance of good business management. Students will learn how businesses identify and get to know their target markets, and then how to manage products and people to build and maintain a sustainable business. A comprehensive approach to all aspects of business management is offered in our subject modules and allows students to explore the extensive scope of the business function.

Course Structure

The course is a full time 42 week programme, completed over seven modules, each between 5 and 7 weeks. The course is made up of 7 component areas. There are 120 credits assessed in the 42 week course. Students will undertake 30 hours of study per week including self-directed studies.

  • Business Law
  • Career Management
  • Change Management
  • Small Business Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Business Ethics
  • Financial Management
  • International Management and Leadership
  • Integrated Project (Business Plan)

Career Paths

Many graduates of Business Management/Entrepreneurial programmes are required to have hands-on experience, and employers also increasingly demand that graduates have the capability to aid the organisation. The qualification can lead a graduate directly into the workforce as a competent business manager and entrepreneur or on to further studies in the management/entrepreneurship field. The courses cover a broad range of business skills and the students are able to find following careers after successfully completing the course:

  • Business Manager
  • Career Advisor
  • Change Manager
  • Small Business Management
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Product Management
  • Sales Manager

Entry Requirements

Entry is open to students who have completed a Degree or National Diploma in Business Level 6 or overseas equivalent or reached the age of 20 years.

English Language Requirements

Students who do not have English as their first language will need to show that they are capable of successfully completing the course by meeting at least one of the following entry conditions:

  • An IELTS score of 6.0 (academic)
  • OR
  • *Passed the Royal Business College English Test.

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